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Baseball Card Price Guide - an interactive and frequently evolving method on how to not only find out the values of your sports cards, but also a way to get that price for your cards that you are looking for - and it is brought to you by My Baseball Card Space, a baseball card community dedicated to providing you with resources to learn about baseball cards.   The site can help you learn about the hobby of sports cards through articles to teach you pricing basics, where to find your favorite rookie cards, and also by providing you with a free community to interact with other collectors (currently 300 members strong).  How can I say this?  Because we have free baseball card prices and sports card pricing information that is just a few clicks away, and you can join My Baseball Card Space free to buy and sell your cards.  Also, above this paragraph on the banner, you can see many articles and those are from this site, you can read all of the 340+ site articles free as well, to learn many more facts about sports cards and baseball cards and sports in general.
To begin with, we will briefly discuss how baseball card and sports card prices have traditionally been delivered in the past. Before the widespread use of the Internet, baseball card prices were often times found out at baseball card stores and shows, but typically through magazine subscriptions. Beckett and Tuff Stuff have long been the most popular resources for baseball card prices. Their magazines have priced baseball cards ever since the 1980's. With the evolving nature of the Internet, this landscape has changed substantially.

It would not be very productive for me to make statements that I made in the previous paragraph, without providing a resource for you to alternatively find card prices. So, for your reading and baseball card collecting pleasure, I proudly present to everyone the official real-time and interactive site of My Baseball Card Space.
Baseball card prices and values are a product of many factors that I believe have been missing for collectors for many years.  These factors include, but are not limited to, current market prices (such as on Ebay), demand, supply, how many collectors you can find to try to trade with, and the information you have when buying and selling your cards.  Let's face it, if you only have one seller in your town or that you buy from on the computer, you are stuck buying cards at prices that are set by that person.  The same goes when selling your cards, what the price guide says is not much use when you will only get what someone will pay you for your cards.  This may come across as sounding like your cards are worthless, but that is far from the truth.  This also could mean that your cards are worth more than the price guides say because you can always find someone willing to buy your cards, and they will be happy with a price they want them for, even if it is higher than the going rate.
I have resources here for you to find, free, your baseball card values and a price guide system that you will find to be enjoyable.  There is a baseball card directory here, at which has cards listed alphabetically.  This can help you find out what your favorite cards are worth, as well as find you the best possible prices updated in real-time.  This pricing information is provided by Ebay, as you will see in that there are many prices for current auctions.  The cards here are organized by year and by player name, and that will help you in buying, selling, and trading.  You can always see what a card is worth, and if it is at the right price for you, you are likely to find some of the best deals through this site that you have ever found when buying baseball and sports cards.  Sports card values, as mentioned before, consist of pricing information and actual demand for your cards.  There is more to this community than just a list of cards.
The home page of this site has a community, which is free to join.  Here is where you can add to the number of people you have to choose from when buying and selling your cards.  There are exactly 300 members as of the time this article was written.  That means there are 300 people at this site that you can try to deal cards with.  It helps when buying or selling if you have many people to give you different sale prices and different purchase prices.  It evens the playing field and you become much more likely of finding the true value of your cards.  If you only have one buyer, he or she will likely not give you as much as the card is worth if only because no one else is there to offer you more.  The community is another way to find out about the value of your baseball cards, and is a free system for you to obtain pricing information.  Prices change all of the time, and you can see that in real-time here.
Also, there are many pictures of cards here.  On top of that, I have my cards listed for sale at
In short, there are many resources here to find out about your baseball card values.  The articles above, on My Baseball Card Space's rss news feed, are another perfect way to find out about cards.  There are articles in addition to the pricing information, teaching you the details of your cards.  For instance, Michael Jordan rookie cards are only in 1984-85 and 1986-87 basketball card sets, and not in other years unless it is a baseball rookie, which is worth much less.  Knowing what type of cards is worth $5 and what type of card is worth $500 will keep you from spending $500 on a $5 card.  Enjoy.

If you are not a member of Ebay, simply join for free and start getting great deals on cards.  I have been a member of for years and I certainly recommend it.

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