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Baseball card collections - an interactive sports article brought to you by My Baseball Card Space, a baseball card community dedicated to providing you with key tools to learn and trade baseball cards.   The site can help you learn about the hobby of sports cards, buy cards, trade cards, sell cards, and post pictures and comment on the cards as well as interact with fellow hobby enthusiasts.  Why would I call it interactive?  Because it is all about helping you with baseball cards and provides forums to express your feedback.  Also, above this paragraph on the banner, you can see many articles and those are from this site, you can read all of the 200+ site articles free as well, to learn many more facts about sports cards and baseball cards and sports in general. This baseball card site not only allows you to read articles about the hobby, but you also can post things, pictures, and freely buy and sell your card among all of the members.
There also is the My Baseball Card Space Forum where you can post messages to members, comment on items posted, and find trading partners to buy, sell and trade your sports cards.  Baseball card collections easily are bought and sold here and if you browse the pages, you will find many.
Here we go with this article.  Baseball card collections can take on many different varieties and collectors can have different types of cards.  Some of the main types of sports cards are rookie cards, insert cards, star cards, commons, game worn jersey cards, and autographs.  Also, there are different sports that people can have within a sports card collection.  Furthermore, card collections can be modern year cards or vintage cards consisting of a wide variety of card manufacturers.
The main types of cards are rookies, inserts, star cards, commons, game worn jerseys and autographed cards which can be a combination of the different types of cards.  In every card set, there are the key star and superstar players such as Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, Nolan Ryan, etc.  Those players usually are worth the most amount of money in the particular card set except in cases where there is a rare card that is short printed or an error card that is highly sought after.  This was much more pronounced in earlier sets where there were not a lot of chase cards, such as autographs in the packs.  Commons are the cheapest type of card and they are of players that either never made it in the major leagues, or did but were not big stars.  Their cards usually are worth about 5 cents in near mint condition, slightly higher for modern sets as the production runs and quality of the cards tends to be favorable.  Card manufacturers now make game worn jersey cards and autographs and those, predictably, are very valuable, especially if you can obtain one of a megastar such as Magic Johnson.  I have an autographed card of Magic Johnson pictured on the home page of the site if you would like to see what one looks like.
Baseball card collections can have different sports because there are cards from all of the major sports and even some of the minor sports now.  The card collecting hobby has grown tremendously and is a great hobby for kids.  I started as a kid and still love cards and enjoy sharing the information I have learned about them online.  The major sports with cards are baseball, basketball, football, hockey, racing, and golf with minor card sets from things like tennis and wrestling.
If you have a sports card collection and you compared it to several different ones, it should come as no surprise to you that the contents of the collection will vary dramatically.   Some people have collections that are not worth a lot of money and have mostly commons, others have big  value and some do not even realize what their cards are worth.  Many collections are of modern cards, which can be a great thing as some very valuable autographs and rookies are in existence that were issued recently.  Older collectors and vintage fans have older cards, I like both myself personally.  Those too can be valuable and many collections, especially dealer collections, have a mix of everything.
I hope you enjoyed reading the article as there is much more to say about baseball card collections that is yet to come.
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