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Anthony Morrow has taken the 2008-09 rookie basketball class to a new level. He was the final roster addition of the year for the Warriors and was a long-shot to make the team until his strong play over the summer. He has established himself with two strong games in the last two outings and is a starter on the Golden State Warriors. He is stil largely unknown by his fans and has no rookie cards in any basketball card sets this year yet.

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His story is inspirational for the league and it also shows how Don Nelson is willing to give players a chance on his team. The Warriors roster is filled with players that came in without the lofty expectations that a high draft pick garners. That does not mean that the roster has not produced quality NBA players because the fact remains that there are several who are integral parts of the team. Also, the ability for Golden State to retain these players over the long-term appears to be better than most other teams in the league. Kelenna Azubuike had a strong season recently and came out of nowhere as did C.J. Watson a year ago and they are still on the team.  Pictured above is an authentic autographed basketball photo of Anthony Morrow from the Golden State Warriors.

Let's get back to Anthony Morrow though because this is his article. He is getting praise above and beyond that of the average NBA player, this guy has a legitimate chance of becoming an NBA superstar with all of the fanfare that follows Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose as the top rookies of this year's class. That opportunity is asserted by his statistics which are hefty. He is averaging 17 points and 4 rebounds per Yahoo Sports as of today with no game scheduled until tomorrow. Playing against Chicago on Friday night is going to give him another opportunity to succeed and establish himself as a top tier rookie. I am excited about his success and hope that his rookie cards come out soon and that I will be able to obtain one. This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

Anthony Morrow has since been re-signed to a new deal and has been traded to the New Jersey Nets, with his great performance with the Golden State Warriors providing the foundation for this future success in the NBA, as he hopefully continues to become a great player in the NBA for years to come.

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