This is an Allen Robinson 2014 Topps Platinum patch and autographed rookie card article including all of his Topps and Topps Finest rookie cards.. Allen Robinson is super hot right now since the Jaguars receiver has gone over 1000 yards in the 2015 NFL season. His BGS graded 9.5 Topps rookie cards are on fire as are his 2014 Topps Platinum base rookie cards.  Some of his rookie cards right now can be considered by many to be bargains and you can still find base rookies at $1-$5 each. He is one of the most promoising rookie cards to have and you find find vintage rookie cards with Dan Marino from the 1980's through the current era.

He is one of the Philadelphia 76ers former mega stars and is a superstar in the minds of every basketball fan and should be a mainstay in your card collection.

Kobe Bryant rookie basketball cards have varied values, based on condition and brand.  You can find Kobe Bryant rookie cards listed on this page at their current Ebay market value - a great way to know what the card is worth in cash today.