Topps Venezuela

Topps Venezuela cards from the 1960's are extremely limited in comparison to mainstream Topps cards in the United States.  The cards routinely sell for higher prices than the Topps cards from the United States.  Upon doing an Ebay search, only 9 items were found from the set.  There is a list of them below on this page.  There is a notable Nolan Ryan rookie card that is in existence based on my understanding from 1968, and listed on Ebay there is also a Fergie Jenkins rookie card.  I did not realize that these cards existed until just recently, they remind me of the Topps Mexican football cards from the 1977 and those are very rare and valuable.  These vintage baseball cards are highly sought after.

These cards are similar to the 1977 Topps Mexican football cards in several regards.  For one, the cards command a significant premium to their American equivalents.  The majority of the cards that are offered for sale, while far fewer in number, are not in a condition graded higher than a PSA 6 from what I have seen on Ebay.  A high grade card from this set would command even more of a premium than these cards already do.  The packs I have not seen but the Topps Mexican wax packs are a bit different as the ones they still sell unopened.  Those packs have 2 cards in them and you can see at least one of the cards from outside of the package.  That in addition to the fact that a wax stain is likely on one makes them less desirable than the packs that have more cards in them.  That does not affect the price, however, because of the rarity of these cards.  It is believed that the far less of these cards were produced in comparison to the mainstream American cards which, at the current time, are limited to begin with because it already is difficult to find high grade vintage cards.  If you are looking for some great collector items from sports cards, these cards offer both collectors of vintage cards and of rare cards in general an opporunity to get some of the rarest cards in existence.

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