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Topps rack cases are great products.  A rack box offers more than twice the number of cards that a wax box does.  A rack case usually has 3 or 6 boxes.  These are way more fun than wax boxes or cases because there tend to be more cards and more chances for PSA 10 rookie cards along with multiples of your favorite stars. Another great fact is that on a rack pack you can see the top and bottom cards, giving chances for plenty of stars and rookies showing on packs.  Then there is the ability to see their centering and condition.  These cards offer vintage fans and card collectors and dealers an opportunity to get multiple copies of all of their favorite cards.

A rack case is less expensive than a wax case yet still provides a substantial amount of sports cards in it.  Also, you can see the cards that are at the top and at the bottom of the packs.  A great thing to do is to leave the rack packs unopened when there are stars or rookies on the packs that are some of the better cards in the card set.  Unopened packs with stars and rookies showing command a premium over packs with commons showing because you are guaranteed to get those cards in the pack as well as whatever else is in the pack.  Wax cases usually cost more and rack cases offer a savings which, combined with the fact that a typical rack boxes yields about 1,152 cards allow you still to get a ton of cards in a rack case.  Some rack cases have three boxes while others have six because Topps has three box and six box rack cases that you can still purchase unopened on Ebay.  The early years of football and baseball that are still available are probably best to get three boxes because they are so expensive now.  I am not sure whether all of the boxes originally with six boxes in them that had two three box rack cases in them, but I do know that mostly for anything before 1988, the only thing I ever see for sale are the three box cases.  Three boxes of a typical rack case will yield 3,456 cards.

Considering that 3,456 cards is what will comprise a typical rack case, there are advantages that basketball cards, hockey cards and football cards offer.  Let's look at the 1983 Topps football card set which has 396 cards.  That will yield, based on the mathematical break down, 8.72 cards of each player.  That fails to consider that the Marcus Allen rookie card, the highest valued card in the set, is double printed which means that you are twice as likely to get the double prints than the single prints.  There are other double prints in the set as well but with it being double printed, I would estimate that 13-14 Marcus Allen rookie cards is a realistic expectation in a rack case.  Also, the grading opportunities are endless for PSA 9 and 10 cards.  Additionally, you are very likely to get some star rookies and stars like Walter Payton on the tops and bottoms of the packs as well as you have the chance to send the packs to GAI for unopened pack grading.  You can easily see how many opportunities there are with rack cases to capitalize on them.

Buy a Topps rack case today, there are some listed below on this page currently on Ebay.  Shop for the best deal possible, it is a buyer's market right now.  Don't buy until you find the best price or until you find the rack case you are looking out for.  That is what I always do when I buy cards.

  1989 Score Football              1989 Topps Baseball         1982 Topps Baseball                1983 Topps Baseball       

   1983 Star Company

    Star Company Bagged Set          1986-87 Fleer                    1993 Bowman                 1992 Bowman           1985 Donruss

    1981 Topps Baseball              1988 Topps Baseball                 1980 Topps             1987 Topps   1985 Topps Baseball             

   vintage card                              1951 Bowman                     1953 Topps        1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle     1980-81 Topps

  Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball                         1987-88 Fleer Basketball                             1981-82 Topps