The next basketball game for Team USA is Tuesday (later today) against Angola.  Here is a preview of what to expect.  The United States is going to come into the game well prepared and will put its best effort forward.  It is going to be difficult for Angola to get into the basketball game as they are going to find the American talent level overwhelming.  The United States will soundly and emphatically defeat Angola and continue in their quest forward for the gold medal.

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The U.S. Team is going to have to prepare heavily for each game and put its best effort into each game.  Complacency could lead to an upset by any team.  Team USA will have to show that 2008 is the year to reclaim America's glory in the Olympics for basketball and will have to put forth an equivalent effort.  The Summer Olympics in Beijing are a great place to showcase the talent pool of basketball players from around the world.  The Chinese will have Yao Ming representing them, and will provide a formidable opponent for all of their challengers.  Argentina is coming in as defending Gold Medalists.  Germany has Dirk Nowtizki leading the way.  The style of play in the Olympics is different than the style of play in the NBA, generally.  It appears that Team USA will attempt to dictate the pace of the games and force an uptempo game.  This is in their favor, in my opinion, as their atheletic ability and skill level is well suited to run and gun against all comers.

It is going to be fun to watch. Go U.S.A!  This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

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