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The summer for 2008 has arrived and it is one for the ages.  The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics have provided a level of excitement not generated by sporting events in quite some time.  Team USA basketball has risen to the occasion and it performing eloquently in their quest for olympic gold.  The team is lead by Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Deron Williams, Tayshaun Prince,  Chris Paul and many others.  The other exciting and tantalizing sports and events going on around the world currently are tennis, golf, fashion, quality entertainment venues, swimming, diving and more.  Dana Torres is swimming in unchartered terrority as she is doing what no other woman swimmer has done before.  Michael Phelps is performing amazingly as well.

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Here are some details about the basketball team from the United States.  They just played most recently against the Chinese Team and defeated them handily by a score of 101-70.  Despite the margin of victory, the game was a significant milestone for China as they were well represented.  Yao Ming stood tall and proud even in defeat and proved that China certainly belongs to have their  basketball team among the most talented teams in the world.  Their competition is still ongoing and do not be surprised if they still come away with a medal from the Games.

Tennis and badminton are also providing some exciting action and golf is as well although Tiger Woods is certainly missed on the tour.

All in all this summer season is spectacular and divine, it is certainly the epitome of high class entertainment.

It is going to be fun to watch the rest of the competition. Go U.S.A!  This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

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