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Here is a preview of what I consider to be some of the best players on the Olympic Basketball Team for the United States going into the Beijing Summer Olympics. Also, this article is focused on basketball cards of the players. Chris Paul is an energy player and can be counted on to consistently play with a high level of enthusiasm and energy. Chris Bosh is also going to be counted on to spark the team. Mentioning the Olympic basketball team without Kobe Bryant would be incomplete. Dwayne Wade is another top competitor on the team. More of the players will be mentioned in another article, make sure to bookmark our main site page and check for future articles in our forum accessible through there.

Chris Paul is going to contribute well to the U.S. team. He is one of the best young players in the game and started playing professional basketball in 2005-06. He has quickly developed into a top 15 player (if not better) in the league and has helped lead the New Orleans Hornets into the playoffs. Chris Bosh is a talented member of the U.S. Basketball Summer Olympics 2008 Team that is headed to Beijing, China for the olympic games. He was a rookie in 2003-04 and has evolved into quite a player. He will serve in a backup capacity as he is not as experienced as the senior members of the team. Look for him to provide frontcourt support and to be an intimidating presence in the low post both on the offensive and defensive sides of the court. His basketball cards are highly sought after. His rookie card from 2003-04 Topps Chrome is very affordable, and his autographed and game worn jersey cards are not that much more expensive. He has proven his ability to succeed in the NBA, and his card values stand to gain if he can continue to get better and better.

Kobe Bryant is a leading member of the United States Olympic Basketball Team heading into the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. He will be counted on for scoring, leadership and overall poise. His rookie year was in 1996-97. He is a favorite among collectors. As a rookie, he came in and slowly established himself as a great player. He has continued that and is now one of the top NBA players who, along with Shaquille O'Neal lead the Los Angeles Lakers to more than one NBA Championship with Phil Jackson as the coach. During the Olympics, look for Kobe Bryant to be among the leaders in scoring and to provide some lessons in maturity to some of the younger players. It is great for the team to have a player that has played for so many years yet that is still at the top of his game. Listed below are some relevant posts on this thread for Kobe Bryant rookie cards and for a picture of a Kobe Bryant basketball card.

The Olympic Games in Beijing are close to being underway, and Dwight Howard will be set to play according to news articles leading up to the Games. That is good news for our team. He is a great defensive player and scorer and one of the bright upcoming stars from the NBA. He is not as experienced as some of the players, yet more experienced than some of the others. He should do well and I expect him to do well. Below this post on the next post on this thread is a link to ebay where you can find basketball cards of him. Please join our community (link on my signature) if you found this information useful as more has been and will be posted.

Dwayne Wade is one of the leading members of Team U.S.A. for the upcoming Olympic basketball games. He will certainly be counted on to help the team win the gold medal. His rookie basketball cards were in 2003-04 Basketball card sets. When his rookie cards came out, he really came out of the pack to establish himself as a top player. Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony were highly regarded initially, and it took a bit of time before collectors started to mention Dwayne Wade among the others. He is generally regarded as one of the top players of this draft class, somewhere among second or third after Lebron James. There is a partial summary of the Olympic Basketball team for the United States that will compete in the Beijing Summer Olympics. It is going to be fun to watch. Go U.S.A! This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

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