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Here is a continuation of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Basketball preview.  This article will focus on other current players and great players of the past.

Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball player.  He won several championships with the Chicago Bulls and also won an Olympic Gold Medal more recently in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.  He was on the Dream Team and on what is widely considered to be the greatest basketball team ever assembled.  I thought that was worth noting as the Olympic Games in Beijing are set to start.  Hopefully the United States Olympic Team can draw on some of that greatness as they are about to embark on their mission to win another Gold for the country.  Michael Jordan basketball cards are highly sought after and his rookie and autographed cards could be the best cards ever printed as well as the most valuable.  There are other cards that are worth more, but will that be the same twenty years from now?  Who knows. 
Here is a picture of a Michael Jordan basketball card from when he was on the 1992 "Dream Team" Olympic Basketball Team. 

Jason Kidd is a member of the United States basketball team set to compete in the Beijing Olympics.  Jason Kidd started playing professional basketball in 1994 out of California University (the Golden Bears).  He is the oldest player on the team and will be counted on for maturity and leadership.  Kidd's rookie year in basketball cards was in 1994-95.  One of his best rookie cards is 1994-95 Topps Finest.  He also has several game worn jersey cards and autographed cards in sets up to the current and previous seasons since he has been playing in the NBA all along.  I think it is a great player to invest in because he should easily make the hall of fame based on all of his playing experience.  The Olympic Team will need the leadership Jason Kidd brings to the game because he has played on an Olympic Team before.

Carmelo Anthony is on the United States Olympic Basketball Team for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.  He was a standout at Syracuse while he played for their team, and came to the NBA with high expectations.  He is in the rookie class that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are part of.  All three of them are on the United States Olympic team.  That shows you how good the rookie class of 2003-04 is!  Carmelo Anthony basketball rookie cards are popular, though they are not that expensive.  He is a scoring machine in the NBA and has a great all-around game.  I watched the game this past season where he scored his career high and it was a phenomenal night for him.  The shots were going in one after another regardless of whether they were two point shots or three point shots.  Some of his autographed rookie cards certified authentic from the card company manufacturer are great cards to own of his.  He also has a nice Fleer Ultra Lucky 13 rookie card from 2003-04 Ultra.  His Topps Chrome 2003-04 rookie is another great choice.  Below this post on this thread is a link to Carmelo Anthony cards on Ebay.  You may find that link useful in your search for his cards.  I for one think that Carmelo Anthony still has tremendous upside left in him for his basketball card values.  He easily could help lead a team to a championship trophy and he also could do the same this summer in Beijing.  

Now is a great time to get some collectibles for the United States Olympic teams.  There are different kinds of collectibles you can get.  There are team jerseys, tickets for the games if you are going to attend the games, autographs, baseball and basketball cards, autographed and game worn jersey cards and much more.  As the Games draw nearer and if either the baseball or basketball team is to win the championship(s) they may rise signficantly in popularity.  The Dream Team basketball Olympic team from 1992 is considered the best team that the United States has ever been able to put forth.  Olympic collectibles span many different types of things.  I am familiar with the collectible baseball and sports card aspect of them as I have collected sports cards for many years.  Mark McGwire's rookie card from 1985 Topps Baseball is in his Olympic uniform from 1985.  Within the set, there was a subset for the Olympic players.  That happens to be his first major league card and his true rookie card as no major league licensed set produced his rookie card that year and his next card in a set came in 1987.  As he broke the home run record in the 1990's, that card skyrocketed in value.  There are two ways to collect the Olympic players and items.  One way is if they play professional sports, they usually have regular issue cards and collectibles.  Another way is to get their collectibles designed especially to commemorate their Olympic participation.  There are collectibles abound right now for the Olympics.  I have seen that there are cards of tennis players, different types of collectibles and a lot of ways to get involved with the Olympics without having to go to the Games.  Enjoy the Games and I hope your favorite teams win.  Listed below this post on this thread is a link to USA cards on Ebay.  It is going to be fun to watch. Go U.S.A!  Please read more of the Olympic articles here. This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

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