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*****7/10/2014 update - Magic Johnson 1980-81 Topps rookie cards without Bird on them are only selling for $7-$15 on eBay.***
Magic Johnson was a phenomenal player. He helped the Los Angeles Lakers to several championships and was an engineer of the "Showtime" era. When you would look at the box scores of games and see that the Lakers beat the Trailblazers 140-104, you could be sure that Magic Johnson helped to produce that outcome. Here is a look at his basketball rookie cards.

The 1980-81 Topps Basketball cards have Magic Johnson rookie cards, along with Larry Bird's rookie. This is a great set. It has the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird rookie cards on the same card! The rookies of them are feautured on a three card panel and there are also other versions in the set that have them with other players and not both of them on the card. These cards are expensive with sets costing over $200-$300 depending on their condition, and unopened boxes selling for much more than that if you can even find them. Searching on ebay can help you with that (please see below for a  link). The rookie cards of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird make this set one of the best in the 1980's and put its all-time great status near the top of the list. The rookie of both of them on the same 3 panel card is worth $175 per the Beckett if I remember correctly. The panels should not be cut or taken apart, if they are the card value is decreased. If you have these cards, please do not take the panels apart. Condition determines these cards' worth. Wax packs and boxes are no exception to that rule and it even magnifies the value for them as the unopened material of this year is getting scarcer and scarcer as the years go by.

The 1981-82 Topps basketball cards have Magic Johnson and Larry Bird second year cards, and are great to have in your collection as well.  There are so many great basketball cards of Magic Johnson, and most can be found right here at throughout the site.

These sets are one of the best if not the best sets you can possibly own from the 1980's and are highly recommended. It is not as expensive as some of the other sets in the 1980's, especially when considering that the sets with Michael Jordan's rookie are worth more. That provides card collectors a great opportunity to get a great set. I personally do not have a set of these cards, but if I did I certainly would not be trying to sell it. This set is highly recommended by the author for placement in any of your collections.  If you are not a member of Ebay, I recommend joining free and that can be done by clicking any of the player links below. It is a great place to get a low price on your favorite rookie card.  This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

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