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John Stockton played college basketball for Gonzaga University and had a great NBA career with the Utah Jazz. Along with Karl Malone, he helped the Utah Jazz win many games every year and make the playoffs consistently. The Jazz made the NBA Finals but were unable to win the championship, but that did not put a damper on John Stockton's hall of fame career. His rookie card from Star Company is from 1984-85 and in the Fleer set it is in 1988-89.

John Stockton and his sidekick Karl Malone are great cards in the 1980's basketball sets. They are in sets with limited production and are proven hall of famers. Stockton has his rookie card in 1984-85 Star Company and that has a book value per the Beckett Plus Price Guide of about $175. His 1988-89 Fleer rookie has a book value of about $20 and is much more affordable. Both cards are considered xrc's and rookie cards, respectively.

Here is a rundown of the key players in the 1984-85 Star Company Basketball set, of which John Stockton has his rookie basketball card in. The Celtics cards for this year are short printed along with some other teams, resulting in high book value for the cards. Included in the Bulls set is the coveted Michael Jordan rookie card. The Houston Rockets team set has a Charles Barkley rookie card and the Philadelphia 76ers set is an awesome one as well with a rookie card of Charles Barkley.

Other key cards in the set are Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, Larry Nance, Julius Erving, Doc Rivers and Dominique Wilkins. There are other big ones besides those, but that about covers the biggest names. Remember, all of the cards originally came in bagged team sets and can still be purchased that way if you can find them. Below this post, I will post a link to find 1983-84 Star cards and 1984-85 Star cards, a great link if you are looking to buy any. These cards are among the most limited types of basketball cards ever printed. These are highly sought after and a lot of times, when buying online, you can get a great deal on them compared to their book price. I personally think that these could increase in value significantly over time. That is just my opinion, but they are solid cards to own based on book value now.

All in all, John Stockton rookie cards belong in any card collection, especially for 1980's basketball fans.  Listed below are real-time listings of the best possible prices for John Stockton's cards.

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1988-89 Fleer Basketball cards with Stockton and Pippen and Reggie Miller rookies

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