Quite simply, 1980 Topps football card values are best understood by seeing what the price is if you were to buy the cards right now.  A great way to do that is by joining Ebay if you are not already a member, and checking the completed auction listings.  All you have to do is type in a card, box, set or other type of product and search for completed listings.  By doing that, you will immediately see what the item last sold for and on what day it sold for that.  That is a better indication of current market value than any other pricing system can give you in my opinion.  Mybaseballcardspace can help you find out the values of your cards free, and here is where to find that information on 1980 football cards.

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1980 Topps football cards are led in values by the Phil Simms 1980 Topps football rookie card, then by the Ottis Anderson, Lester Hayes, Clay Matthews rookie cards, along with superstar cards led by Walter Payton, Tony Dorsett, and Terry Bradshaw, and then followed by many other great cards.

The value in price guides of the 1980 Topps football cards is about $60 for the set in near mint, and about $15 for the Phil Simms rookie football card.

To find more free football card pictures as well ideas on the values of your cards, here is a great free sports card community, please click here to register.  The site can help you to determine the values of your sports cards.

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I have collected football cards for many years, here are some pictures of my collection.  Below the pictures are some more great trading card products.  Also, there is a current listing of football rookie cards for your shopping pleasure listed below at great prices.


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