In baseball cards and sports cards, an autographed rookie card is not only a first year card of a player, but also a great investment.  If you think a player is going to go up more than he is currently valued at, buying one of these cards is a great way to invest in that.  The autographs are certified authentic by the card manufacturers when they come out of the unopened packs that they sell.  Though they can be more expensive than simple autographs obtained in person, they offer unquestioned authenticity for the most part and that peace of mind justifies the higher cost in my opinion. 2015 has some great autographed rookie cards in football such as from Jameis Winston.

Right now, on Ebay there are several of these items listed.  In the following link, they are presented to you in a condensed search and will provide you with a quick way to find your favorite player and the best price available to you at any given time during the day.  Please be sure to bookmark our pages.  Here is the web page

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