A 2003 unopened Ultimate Collection football card box from Upper Deck can contain rookie cards of Tony Romo, Larry Johnson, Carson Palmers and several other great players including Andre Johnson.  On this page you will find unopened boxes and cases including factory sealed ones of 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection.  An unopened box is the best way to have a chance at getting many of the different players including highly sought after rookie autographs.  Some of the many rookie cards include Tony Romo, as well as autographs and game worn jersey cards including many autographed rookies in the main set.  The autograph insert sets include John Elway, and there are game worn jersey and patch cards of the likes of Walter Payton, along with many other great current players as well as retired hall of famers.  The value of these cards from 2003 Ultimate Collection can be in the several hundreds of dollars, on up to the thousands of dollars if graded a gem mint or pristine 10 by BGS or PSA.  This is a great year in football cards and has many great players. Ultimate Collection offers many autographs, serial numbered rookie cards, multi color patches, game worn jersey cards, and much more fun stuff in each box as every single card in the box will be serial numbered.

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