1992 Bowman baseball, football, and hockey cards offer a fine selection of cards at great prices.  Bowman cards are dubbed the "Home of the Rookie Card" and that name describes them well.  Starting in 1989, Bowman made cards once again in baseball.  Ken Griffey Jr. has his rookie card in that set, but 1992 really became a superb year for the cards.  1992 Bowman baseball cards feature the only regular issue rookies of Mike Piazza, Mariano Rivera, and many others.  Manny Ramirez has his rookie card in here as well, though he also had rookies in the sets of the year from Upper Deck and Topps.  1992 Bowman football and hockey are also very limited, and highlighted more by star and superstar players instead of rookies.  Players include Barry Sanders, John Elway, Michael Irvin, Eric Lindros, and many other great cards as these were limited in number.  Shortly after their issuance, the cards skyrocketed in value.  They are still some of the most sought after cards in the hobby for the 1990's, especially in the early 1990's.  Happy shopping as many great deals are listed below and are constantly updated in real time.