1990 Pro Set Football

1990 Pro Set Football cards are a very fun box to open in series 2 with the rookies and contain some key hall of fame rookie cards.  Included is the rookie card of former Dallas Cowboys hall of fame running back Emmitt Smith along with many rare error cards such as a Barry Sanders rookie of the year Pro Bowl card that has a book value of $80.  Unopened wax boxes are a tremendous addition to any football card collection.  Complete sets offer you an opportunity to get a great set that is a bargain.  1989 Pro Set Series 1 boxes have some great cards as well as, but series 2 in 1989 is where you can get Aikman and Sanders rookies.  1989 Score Football is a great card set as well but these are more affordable if you need something a bit lower priced with the same players in them. 

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