1989 Deion Sanders Rookie

1989 Score Football cards and the complete set are limited in production and contain some key hall of fame rookie cards.  The most highly sought after one is the 1989 Score Barry Sanders rookie card.  This hall of famer books for around $40 in the Beckett price guide.  It is the most highly sought after card before the Troy Aikman rookie card.  A 1989 Deion Sanders rookie card from Score or Pro Set is a bit less expensive than the other two big rookie cards and can provide great upside as he will be remember as a two sport superstar like Bo Jackson.  Find his rookies listed here.  He was a great player for the Atlanta Falcons and also for the Atlanta Braves during his playing career and was a very fast runner.

If you are not a member of ebay, you can join by clicking a link below.  Get a good deal on the cards! The fact is when you look at 1989 Score cards, a Deion Sanders rookie card is affordable. You can find one here for $4 or so.