1989 Donruss baseball cards have a great selection of cards. This set still provides a unique value for people looking for a great unopened box or a group of boxes and/or unopened rack cases. There is also a Griffey rookie card in the Update set. The rookie selection includes Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards, who is a certain first ballot hall of famer. There are also rookies of Gary Sheffield, John Smoltz, Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and several others. Many of them could easily end up in the hall of fame as Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling could easily get in on the first ballot as well. Unopened wax boxes can be purchased for $10 on eBay and unopened rack cases can go for $30-$50 and have a great break value. You will have lots of fun opening them, I have bought a rack case before and still have unopened rack packs with a Griffey and a Randy Johnson rookie on the top of the packs along with several rookie cards of each player. This is fun stuff and I recommend it.