1988 topps baseball cards including unopened wax boxes and cases

This is one of the more overproduced sets of the decade.  1988 Topps Baseball is not highly desirable in my opinion, and I would only recommend collectors to have one set and maybe one unopened wax box.  The player selection is not that good. ****Update 12/18/15 - these are drying up, I am more bullish now***** One nice feature is the design, it actually has great eye appeal and Topps really did a great job with the photo colors. 

Boxes sell for about $10 with complete sets right around that price range as well.  It is widely available on ebay and many online card sellers.  It may, however, increase in value in the future.  Collectors nowadays generally feel that it will not increase in value much due to reported overproduction and it still being widely available almost anywhere you look. 

The best card in the set is the Tom Glavine rookie card.  He is a future hall of famer most likely, and that is one card that you get with this set.  There are other rookies that are decent and there is a nice selection of hall of fame players in the set.  The photos and card look are appealing though.

If you are looking for the best set at the best price, this set currently does not have that value in my opinion.  You never know what card collectors will think in the future though, and they may all of a sudden decide that this set is worthwhile.  One never knows, I am saving a set and a wax box myself for safe keeping just in case it does go up in value in the future.

1988 Topps Baseball cards, boxes and sets on Ebay.