1987 topps items on ebay including wax packs, boxes for football and baseball with barry bonds and doug flutie rookie cards along with jim kelly and randall cunningham.  these include both football cards and baseball cards as well as hockey cards even (though in hockey they are classified as 1987-88 topps hockey).  all of these card sets feature classic 1980's topps card stock along with your favorite rookie players of the era.  I would rate them as Hockey being the best, football coming in second and baseball coming in last in terms of value and collectibility.  The football set is exciting and is a great value in my opinion.  Unopened wax packs are the way to go on these, though rack packs and vending boxes have cards without wax stains.  The hockey set is great because there are so few cards in the set and the football set only has 396 cards.  That means that each box could contain more than one card of your favorite players.

As we are in the 2011 holilday season for Christmas shopping, please make sure to check this page out for all of your 1987 Topps sports card needs. An unopened rack pack case of 1987 Topps baseball cards is a great gift idea.