1986 Topps football cards are highly sought after and valuable as they contain a great rookie card of Jerry Rice, along with others that are growing in popularity among true football card collectors.  The set and wax boxes and packs contain Jerry Rice rookie cards, a Steve Young rookie, Reggie White and Bruce Smith rookies, Boomer Esiason, Andre Reed and Bernie Kosar first year cards as well.

The unopened boxes are great fun to open because the set only has 396 cards and you should be able to get multiple cards in many boxes of your favorite players.  Listed below are some great items currently for sale, find yourself a good deal and Happy Holidays.  As we are in the 2011 holiday season right now, a 1986 Topps football card gift is a great idea.  You can choose from any of the great rookies, or purchase an unopened box or lots of packs for that special someone.  Also, an unopened rack box or case is also a great idea.


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