1986 Topps baseball cards contain great hall of famers and some rookie cards.  Some of the key cards include second year cards of Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett, a bunch of Pete Rose cards (in my opinion these cards may be quite undervalued) including a subset at the beginning of the set with memories from his earlier playing career, and many other great players.  There are rookie cards of Len Dykstra and Vince Coleman, as well as a key rookie card of former slugger Cecil Fielder.  This set is getting older and older these days, and is borderline vintage material, and is priced affordable in boxes, wax packs, complete sets, rack boxes, cases, and vending boxes and cases.  There are also cello packs and now may be a great time to purchase a large quantity of these as even though they are viewed as being overproduced by many people, they still contain cards that are 24 years old.  Are people really going to think that they were overproduced 20 years from now?  30 years from now?  We will hopefully see a great price increase.