1986-87 fleer cards including michael jordan rookie cards, unopened packs and box and many other rookies like charles barkley, akeem olajuwon, karl malone, chris mullin and dominique wilkins.  Those are the rookies available in this set, it is one of the best sets ever produced because basketball cards were not printed for awhile during the 1980's in widespread format so when Fleer finally stepped in to produce them, all of these cards were rookies.  They are great investments and will be for years to come as many of these rookies were the showtime era leaders and are hall of famers and will be long remembered as basketball legends for their NBA contributions.  That, in addition to the Dream Team Barcelona 1992 Olympic Team, makes them must haves for your collection.  The Michael Jordan rookie card from Fleer Premier 1986-87 basketball cards is one of the most famous basketball cards in existence.  Please find great deals right here on this page below.