1985 donruss baseball cards listed on ebay that include Kirby Puckett rookie cards along with Roger Clemens rookies and unopened packs and boxes.  This is a difficult set to get in top condition because of the black borders surrounding the cards.  That makes unopened packs and boxes and cases highly sought after for this reason.  If you get a PSA or BGS gem mint card, it is worth a significant premium above and beyond that of the regular cards.  It has a great selection of former all stars and hall of famers including a Don Mattingly second year card, George Brett, Eric Davis rookie, former Dodger great Orel Hershiser rookie, Dwight Gooden's rookie card, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken Jr., and many others.

The set is difficult to obtain in top condition because the of the black borders that chip and show white on them easily.  That will prevent the cards from being in gem mint condition if there is any white showing on the edges and corners.  This year's set is great because rookie cards of Roger Clemens and Kirby Puckett, as well as second year cards of Don Mattingly.  This creates value for the cards.  The unopened wax packs and boxes are fun to open up.  Wax boxes contain about 540 cards as there are 15 cards per pack and 36 packs per box.  This is an incredible box to open as long as it is unsearched.

You can find great deals on these 1985 Donruss cards on this page.

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