1984 topps vintage baseball, hockey, and football cards including all of the unopened boxes are highlighted here. Football has a chance in each pack to obtain great rookie cards with Dan Marino rookie, John Elway rookie, followed by Don Mattingly rookie cards in baseball.  Don't forget about all of the othr great gem mint to possiblities in 1984 Topps. There are also the 1984-85 Topps hockey cards that have Steve Yzerman and Pat LaFontaine rookie cards.  The baseball cards have Don Mattingly as mentioned as well as Darryl Strawberry rookies along with a slew of hall of famers and second year cards of Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg.  The football card set is one of the most famous of the 1980's and boasts rookies of John Elway and Dan Marino along with Howie Long and Eric Dickerson.  There are more rookies than that too such as Darrell Green and Jackie Slater and Roger Craig along with Dwight Stephenson and many other great cards including a rookie card of Morten Anderson.  The football cards from 1984 are the best set out of these but the baseball and hockey offer great opportunity for future investment value in the long run.  Hockey is unique because there are so few cards in the set, an unopened box will probably net tons of Yzermans and Gretzkys as hockey cards do not have many cards in the set, football have fewer than baseball, and each unopened wax box is always fun to sort through.