Topps Football Cards

1983 Topps football card values are featured here including pictures of the key rookie cards. These are great cards for football card collectors and have proven to be superb long-term investments. Some of the key cards in this year's set include a third year card of Joe Montana, hall of famer cards of Terry Bradshaw and Walter Payon, as well as rookie cards of Marcus Allen, Gary Anderson, Mike Singletary, and Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears). Included on this page are pictures of the best cards in this year's set in one group photo.  If you follow any link on the sports cards here, it will lead you to more specific articles and product listings for those cards, which can provide helpful resources for you.  Bookmarking this page is a great idea.  Please visit the site of football card for more Topps football cards from the 1970's and 1980's.

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I like the ones from the 1980's because I have several and because I am hopeful that they will rise in value over the years.  I have some of the good rookies, though am missing some key rookie cards but have a Jerry Rice rookie card from 1986 Topps.  Some are in strong near mint or better condition and came fresh from unopened packs and boxes.  There are different ways of obtaining these cards, and of obtaining vintage cards.  I am familiar with Ebay auctions that are sold in big lots.  They feature a lot of vintage cards in a lot, and you get either cards of one year or of several mixed in.  Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can get a great deal of cards and in many cases, get them fairly cheap compared to full book value.  We are going to focus on the value of 1985 Topps football cards in this article, and I believe they currently are well undervalued.

The best rookie card in the set, Marcus Allen, has a value of about $15 in price guides and I think a fair price for it is $5-$10 if you are buying one.  That is right around what I would value the key superstar cards such as Walter Payton and Joe Montana, though those would probably fetch $3 to $4.  The other rookie cards such as Gary Anderson ($3), Mike Singletary ($3.50), and Jim McMahon ($3) are pictured below and are great to add to Topps vintage football card collection.  Here are pictures of some of the 1983 Topps Football Cards in my collection, their value is best estimated based on current market information and knowledge of what collectors will pay (which hopefully increases in value in the future).


1983 Topps Football Key Rookie Cards

If you would like to buy any of these 1983 Topps football cards, I am willing to sell some of mine for the price listed above.  If you want to discuss the 1983 Topps football card set value with the members of the site, please visit the home page.  There are other cards pictured in my profile from 1983 Topps football including some of the other best superstar cards in the set.


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A complete set of Topps factory sealed cards ensures that the cards will be in the best shape and you possibly could even have gem mint cards in there which would bring a premium to their book value.  Some of my favorites include football card sets from the 1980's as well, and baseball ones from that era in factory sealed condition are worth more than hand collated sets.