Star Company basketball cards are very popular and were produced in very limited quantities, starting in 1983. Here we go with 1983 Star Company basketball cards. This is a fantastic year of Star Company basketball because the 1983-84 sets were the first ones produced. Some of the key rookie cards in this year's set include Dominique Wilkins, James Worthy, and Isiah Thomas rookie cards, along with short printed sets of many teams such as the Dallas Mavericks. The Lakers and Celtics sets are always classics.  The sealed team bagged sets are the best way to get a near mint to mint card of the whole team.  If you purchase one not bagged, it can also be a great deal.  Once cards are graded say by BGS, it can increase their value dramatically.  That can present you with an opportunity to have a very valuable card on your hands.  Good luck shopping and I hope you get good deals on 1983-84 Star Company basketball cards.