The 1982 Topps Baseball card set features the Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card. This article will focus on a selection of 1982 Topps football card boxes along with the 1982 Topps baseball card unopened box. Additionally, there will be, as available, 1981-82 Topps basketball card boxes unopened that include the second year cards of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, along with the rookie card of Kevin McHale.

The 1982 Topps baseball card box should always be popular because of the Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card. There are many hall of famers in the set as well and there is also a rookie card of Lee Smith. I highly recommend this set to collectors and investors. The set is condition sensitive and based on it being a 792 card set, it is not that easy to get many Cal Ripken Jr. rookies in a wax box. Cut card cases and vending or rack box cases are the way to go to get more possibilities of a BGS 9.5 or PSA 10 version, however they are expensive. I would recommend having a set of these cards in your collection. Are you thinking about getting a gem mint graded ripken rookie or thinking that you might have one in your collection to send in for grading? Well gem mints are not easy to get, they have things called population reports and that lists how many gem mint cards there are of a certain card. It is not common for a 1982 Topps card to be gem mint, in fact there is a good chance that it will not be. For it to pass a microscopic test, it has to be flawless. Even from a sealed set or box, many cards are not gem mint. Centering of the card, corner condition, surface condition are some of the things they grade. I would check by clicking this link for ebay and type in 1982 Topps Cal Ripken PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 and you can see what they sell for right now. That would give you a goal for what to get, and the completed auction lists can give you an exact number for what someone sold theirs for. It is free to see that on ebay and it is a great tool to learn market prices.

Below is a link for ebay, I would recommend joining free if you have not already. That being said, owning a gem mint card of cal ripken's rookie is truly a collector's item which makes sense with it being so difficult to find. This article was written by the site owner and administrator of  My Baseball Card Space

1982 Topps Baseball Items

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