If you want an unopened Topps box from 1981, here you have a great selection. Listed on this page are unopened hoxes from 1981 Topps sports cards including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.

1981 Topps has great cards in unopened boxes and packs to search for when purchasing. We will start with a discussion on 1981 Topps Football cards since they are the first ones that come to mind. The football cards from this year contain rookie cards of none other than Joe Montana of the San Fransisco 49ers. This is one of the key rookie cards of all time, and you can find them in this year's cards. Also, there are rookie cards of Art Monk and Kellen Winslow, as well as many other hall of famers, rookies, and superstar cards. There is a nice card of Walter Payton in this set, and finding any of the cards in near mint or better condition will help you get a premium price by collectors because as the cards are near vintage years, they are worth more in top condition. The football set is much more valuable than the 1980 Topps Football card set because of the fact that there is the Joe Montana rookie card, which has a hefty book and resale value.

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Next, we will discuss 1981 Topps baseball cards.  An unopened box is a great purchase, as these cards tend to steadily slowly increase in price over time.  At least that is what they have seemed to do even though there are no key rookie cards of hall of famers.  There are rookie cards of Fernando Valenzuela, Mike Scoscia (both on the same card) as well as Tim Raines and Harold Baines.  There is a key second year card of Rickey Henderson, as well as many superstar and hall of fame cards that carry nice book values.  This set is probably worth more just because it is older and tougher to find in mint condition.  It is a great card set.  Unopened rack boxes and cases are great finds because they have a lot of cards from this set and obtaining some of them in gem mint condition could be a profitable venture.

1980-81 and 1981-82 Topps Hockey and Basketball cards may be included in this page's items for sale sometimes.  This  is great because what else can be said about 1980-81 Topps basketball cards in addition to Magic and Bird?  Not a whole lot as that says a great deal.  There are rookie cards in that year of Magic Johnson, and of Larry Bird, and both of them are on one of the three panel cards.  That rookie card of them, as is the same with Joe Montana, is one of the key rookie sports cards in existence to have in your collection.  Topps hockey includes a great card of Wayne Gretzky and some nice rookie cards, and 1981-82 Topps basketball includes a rookie card of hall of famer Kevin McHale.  Please, if you want to learn how to sell cards, visit www.sellingproductsonline.info