When 1980 Topps cards are being considered, there are baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards.  Unopened boxes may yield gem mint cards. There are some awesome cards in these sets.  For baseball, to start, there is a Rickey Henderson rookie card.  That is the best card in the set and then there are many hall of famers including Nolan Ryan.  In Football, there is a Phil Simms rookie card along with former running back great Otis Anderson.  In basketball, there is one of my favorite cards ever produced which is the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson dual rookie panel card.  Hockey cards have Wayne Gretzky second year cards along with Ray Bourque rookie cards.  A complete set of each would make your collection quite valuable, there is a lot of potential within these sets.  Unopened packs are even more fun.  Listed on this page are 1980 topps items including baseball and basketball cards on ebay.