1979 Topps Football cards currently listed on ebay including Ozzie Newsome rookie cards, James Lofton rookie cards, and Earl Campbell rookie cards.  The 1979 Topps football card set is a great vintage football card year from Topps and features some great rookie cards as well as hall of famers that are not rookies in this year's cards.  Unopened wax packs and a 36 pack unopened box from this year is an exciting box to open, and the price of them is still not outrageous compared to other vintage football card years that would be priced higher. 

Included in these 1979 Topps football cards, which are currently listed for sale below from the best sellers on Ebay, are many rookies and hall of famers.  Unopened wax packs and boxes are available as well, as are complete 528 card sets.  Water Payton has a great card which is his 4th year card, #480 in the set.  Tony Dorsett has a second year card in here, #160.  The rookie cards are Earl Campbell #390, as well as a record breaker card of his, #331.  The next rookies are Ozzie Newsome, #308, James Lofton #310, Donnie Shell #411, John Jefferson #217, Doug Williams #48, and Steve DeBerg #77.  There are also hall of fame cards of Roger Staubach, #400, and Terry Bradshaw, #500.  There are many other hall of famers such as Steve Largent.  This set is deep in value and if you purchase unopened wax or rack packs, there are a lot of great cards you can find in the packs.  This is a great year for football cards.

A recap of the rookie cards are as follows: Doug Williams, James Lofton, Ozzie Newsome, Donnie Shell, Earl Campbell, John Jefferson, and Steve DeBerg.