Listed on this page are 1960 Topps baseball cards and they are pictured because they are currently listed for sale on Ebay from mybaseballcardspace, which is this site, and it also is the Ebay id for the listings.  In this article, I will show many pictures of the baseball cards currently listed and they are high grade commons graded by MBS and some grade up to a 7 Near Mint. The vintage 1960 Topps baseball cards are a great Topps baseball card set so please enjoy the pictures and place your bid on the Ebay auctions if you would like to. 

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1960 Topps Billy Loes1960 Topps Ken Aspromonte

Here we go with the cards from 1960 Topps baseball.  Pictured first on the left is a Billy Loes card, and it is graded an MBS 7 Near Mint, and this card is super clean.  Next is Ken Aspromonte, and it also is in near mint condition at an MBS 7.  Next, below, we will start with Los Angeles Dodgers rookie pitcher Bill Harris, #128.  Notice how nice of condition these cards are in, and please decide what you would like to bid on them as there are 6+ days left in the auction so there is plenty of time for you to place your bids.

1960 Topps Bill Harris Rookie1960 Topps Ray Webster

 Next is a Near Mint 7 card of Ray Webster from 1960 Topps baseball cards.  That completes this presentation, I hope you enjoy the baseball cards and the pictures of them.