Listed on this page are 1959 Topps baseball unopened packs on ebay.  In these packs there are many great cards possible as this card series from Topps is among their greatest card sets produced in vintage card history.  Though the sets from the earlier 1950's years in Topps are more valuable, the fact that more unopened packs exist from this year make this a great product to locate.  There are many all stars, superstars, hall of famers, rookies and semi stars that I will go into more detail on in this article.  Please note that there are product listings below to help you find those items you wish to purchase.

Here are some of the great names in 1959 Topps baseball.  Mickey Mantle has a regular issue card #10 and also an all star card high number #564.  Hall of famer Bob Gibson has his rookie card in the set and it is a key baseball hall of fame rookie card, #514.  Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente have highly valued cards and there are several more hall of famers in this set including Sandy Koufax, Stan Musial, Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, Harmon Killebrew, Roy Campanella, Duke Snider and several other great players.  The other rookie cards are no one particularly eye catching to me.  Felipe Alou is the biggest name and even though his rookie card books for less in this Beckett that I am reading, I would prefer it over a Norm Cash rookie. 

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These are some of the greatest cards in my opinion.  A summary of value would be that the highest valued card is the Mickey Mantle #10 and that had a $1,000 in the Apirl/May 2006 Beckett Plus price guide.  The Bob Gibson rookie had a $300 book value as did the Mantle all star card.  These cards are not all that expensive in comparison to earlier years of Topps cards but if they are in PSA 8 or better condition, they get much more interesting.  That, coupled with the fact that unopened packs graded by GAI exist and can easily be found on this page frequently, makes it a set worth watching.