1954 vintage Bowman baseball cards including Mickey Mantle.

Listed on this page are 1954 Bowman baseball cards which include valuable vintage cards of Ted Williams, #66a in the set, and Mickey Mantle, card #65.  This set of 1954 Bowman baseball cards is a bit more affordable than its Topps counterpart, and it also features a rookie card of Don Larsen, #101 in the set.  If you can find 1954 Bowman baseball cards in graded condition at an 8, 9, 0r 10 from reputable places such as PSA and BGS and SGC, these can be quite valuable. The entire set of 224 cards books at $4,000 in near mint condition in this price guide from Beckett that I am reading while typing this article.  These are awesome baseball cards 

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On this page, here is a brief overview of my favorite baseball cards, as well as the most valuable rookies and stars, in the set. 

1954 Bowman baseball cards #66A Ted Williams- this card seems to be only one of the card #66 that is in the set, as #66b is Jimmy Piersall. Perhaps this Ted Williams is short printed compared to the other cards, I am not sure about that, but it is more valuable than the Mickey Mantle card per this price guide.

#65 Mickey Mantle - wow!  This is Mickey Mantle's 4th year card

#101 Don Larsen rookie card - the best rookie card in this set.

There are listings in real-time below so that you can find all of your favorite 1954 Bowman baseball cards.

There are many more hall of famers and some more rookie cards in this set as well, please see the real-time listings at great prices below.  Here is another article on the set too 1952 Topps

In conclusion, this is a fantastic set of baseball cards, and 1954 Bowman baseball is more affordable than earlier sets and more affordable than 1954 Topps.  If you want to find other great vintage cards from earlier years, here is a great article on t206 baseball cards