1953 topps baseball cards currently on Ebay are listed here.  Mickey Mantle's 1953 Topps card is highly sought after.  There is also a card of Jackie Robinson and many other great hall of famers.  Satchell Paige has a card in here and well as Jim Gilliam who has a rookie card in this set.  The set has a bunch of great stars, superstars and hall of famers and is packed with value.  It is a great set to try for a complete set of and also a great one to get single cards of.  It is difficult to get a high grade set.  The Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays cards are the most valuable, with many others right up there almost and I would certainly recommend this as a great vintage card group.

What is great about this set is it still is the kind of vintage set where even commons are valuable. It is similar in that regard to the 1952 Topps set although it is not as valuable as that set. The key to the cards being valuable is fairly consistent with other vintage cards and is that they need to be in top condition. That is the one factor that separates the highest valued cards from the run of the mill ones that are frequently seen when these are offered. Even if you have cards that are only in very good to excellent condition, those are better than most of the cards that are sold from this year on Ebay. If you have a card that is EX-MT or Near Mint, that will be worth much more than the lesser condition cards. Anything graded a PSA 8 or higher will command a significant premium and is rarely offered. When those cards are offered, they are usually offered at an extremely high price.

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I have some of these cards in my collection, though their condition is about poor condition.  They are more keepsakes to have cards from this year's set, but I do notice that currently on Ebay, a lot of cards are affordable as well as these.  They are great to have in your set because compared to 1952 Topps cards, the 1953 cards are just as rare pretty much, and contain some great players, but the values are lower in contrast.  The value is still high for them as well as the demand, but if you wanted to get cards of the superstars who are not rookies, they may prove to be a great investment in years to come, especially given their current values.

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