Listed on this page are 1952 topps baseball cards which are some of the most famous cards in existence with Mickey Mantle's rare card.  The Mickey Mantle card is widely considered to be a rare card and also is equivalent to a rookie although technically his 1951 Bowman card is his true rookie.  The high number series in 1952 Topps baseball is more sought after than the low number series, but the entire set is extremely valuable and even moreso in top condition.  The card design is very famous and even the common cards from the set routinely fetch decent prices.  If you have a card that is graded even a PSA 6 or higher, there are premiums for those cards and any card graded a PSA 8 or higher is extremely valuable. 

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Here are some of the key cards in the set according to the price guide and in terms of who I think the best players are.  Information is obtained through the Beckett price guide here as far as values go since they have the most widely used price guide in the hobby.  The Willie Mays card is similar to the Mickey Mantle in terms of him having a rookie in 1951 Bowman.  It is a great card.  The other highly valued cards though after the Mickey Mantle are the Eddie Mathews rookie card #407 which is a high numbered short print and the first card in the set #1 Andy Pafko.  I cannot personally say though I would rather have those cards over the Willie Mays, but that's just me.  Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese and Yogi Berra also have significantly high valued cards.  There are some other notable rookie cards in the set as well that are worth between $200 and $800 according to the price guide I am looking at.

There are many series in this set, as there were in the Topps vintage baseball card sets from the 1950's and 1960's.  Depending on the packs purchased, that determines which cards are possible in the pack.  Nowadays, that makes it even tougher to find specific cards as there are not many unopened cards on the market, and of the ones that there are, you would have to find the right series for say the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle from the high series, although that card is double printed so it actually is easier to find in packs than the regular printed cards, if you can believe that.

In conclusion, this is a big time set.  The Mickey Mantle card is routinely put up for auction when available by the biggest names in the hobby and it seemingly fetches more each time it is sold.  This is similar to the 1909 Tobacco card of Honus Wagner, there just are not that many of the biggest cards in the hobby to satisfy the high end market.  Listed below are cards from this set on Ebay, good luck shopping and if you are looking for cards in this set, this site strives to be your one-stop shop for baseball cards.