1951 Bowman cards have the 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card.  This is one of Bowman's best early sets because not only is there the Mickey Mantle first year card, but there also is a Willie Mays rookie as well.  These are two of the best players of all time and if you cannot afford the Mantle card, a Mays card would be an instant awesome addition to any vintage card collection.  These cards are rare nowadays, there are very few that are in top condition.  If you can find unopened packs of this product, that would be an experience that would be a card collector's dream.  Listed on this page are 1951 Bowman cards on Ebay.

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1951 Bowman baseball cards are an incredible set, I believe I have a common or two from these cards, and they are an incredible find in any condition.  Please look at the Beckett monthly price guides to determine your favorite cards from this year's set.

Looking at the Beckett baseball card price guide, here are some of the highlights.  I will again emphasize that these are the rookies cards of Mantle and Mays, they are great cards.  There is also a Whitey Ford rookie card, #1 in the set.  Nellie Fox also has his rookie card in this year's set and there is a great card of Ted Williams in the series as well.  Yogi Berra is the next superstar and hall of famer that I see with a significant value.  The other cards in the set are lesser valued and the stars are from $50 to $150 for the most part.  It is a great set and if you ask me, may be undervalued simply because of the overwhelming popularity of the Topps sets from this era.  I would recommend this set as an addition to a vintage card collection that would then be able to boast of having the Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Warren Spahn rookie cards.

Recently, I have been able to acquire some older Bowman baseball and football cards.  Here are the ones that I have.  One from baseball is a 1952 Bowman Elmer Valo, #206 in the series.  From 1951 Bowman Football  cards, I have #142 and #143, Eddie Saenz and Al Demao, respectively.  If you would like to know how much money I would like to receive in order to sell these cards to you, please join the community's home page free, log in, and post a message indicating that.